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I tried to fix something

on 2009/04/15

My father managed to damage the clock from my motorcycle while pushing it in the garage. As you can see from the following pictures it looks pretty nasty.



I had to choose between buying a new one (which is difficult to find and expensive) and fix this one somehow. I always liked to fix things so this was an opportunity for me. I remembered seeing on youtube and on wheeler dealers show how to handle bodywork repairs and always wanted to try but never had the chance, until now.

So the first step was to get the hardware form the auto store. This includes:

  • metal bodywork filler (with glass fiber if the dent is deeper or simple for small dents) and hardener
  • abrasive paper
  • paint spray

The first step was to clean the area where the filler goes with abrasive paper. After that, I had to mix the filler with just a little amount of hardener and apply the paste inside the hole. After the filler hardened I started to shape it with abrasive paper. Another layer of filler was needed in order to get a proper shape. The results are far from perfect, but hey, it’s my first attempt :)




The next step is painting. Before painting, I used a napkin and some alcohol in order to clean and degrease the surface. After that I started to apply the paint in three layers. Following are the results after the first coat of paint.



After another two layers of paint and after removing the masking tape I got this results:





One response to “I tried to fix something

  1. smurariu says:

    This is quite hot! Nice work.

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