Codrin Andronic

"stop existing and start living" – M. Jackson

10 warning signs – time to look for a new job

on 2010/01/19

In a newsletter from Alvah Parker, a career coach,  I read about something that everyone should question him/herself from time to time about the current job and take action if necessary. So here’s the list:

  1. You get a sinking feeling on Sunday afternoon in anticipation of work on Monday.
  2. You have done your job for so long you are on automatic pilot.
  3. You are constantly getting sick or having accidents.
  4. When you talk to others you complain all the time.
  5. You never volunteer for special projects and avoid those who might give you work.
  6. You both envy and resent others who seem happy in their work.
  7. You notice that everyone else’s job seems more interesting than yours.
  8. Your friends ask you what is wrong.
  9. You know you are at the highest level that you will ever reach in the company and there is no chance for promotion.
  10. You are forced to go against your values and your integrity is being compromised.

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