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More Brain Power

on 2010/05/03

I was reading another “Road to success” article and found something that seems interesting, so I decided to share the info. It’s about brain health and how to improve brain power. Here are 10 easy steps:

  1. Go for a walk with a friend –  This way you talk as you walk.  Social connection, physical exercise and mental stimulation are brain strengtheners.
  2. Add variety to your life –  Do not follow a set routine day after day.  Wake up your brain with something new.  Try a new route to the office.  Memorize a new poem.
  3. Be a Life Long Learner –  Study something in depth.  This is good for your brain and your career.  Learn a new language and begin to speak and write it.
  4. Solve Puzzles/Play games – Try to beat the clock because that inspires quicker thinking.
  5. Clear the mind – Use meditation or a walk in the woods to help clear your mind.  Most of us have very active minds today.  Some of the chatter is noisy and negative.  It is important to regularly take time to clear your mind.  While you are at it take some deep breaths to cleanse your mind and body.
  6. Get 8 hours sleep a night
  7. Be creative – Use your imagination every day.  Take the time to paint, add to your journal, create a new website, write a poem or do anything that uses the right (creative) side of your brain.
  8. Spend time with friends – Staying by yourself all the time can put your brain into slowdown mode. (Solos be aware.) Friends, family and colleagues help keep you engaged in life and that keeps your brain active and working.  Being sociable is good for your brain and your spirit.  People with a strong community of friends and acquaintances live longer and happier lives in general. (Networking is good for your brain!)
  9. Eat a proper diet – Include fruits and vegetables in your diet along with whole grains and fish.
  10. Have regular check ups with the doctor – Blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, cholesterol all are important to proper brain function.  Make sure yours are in the normal range and if not work with your doctor to get them in check.

One response to “More Brain Power

  1. Oleksandr Zalishchuk says:

    It was very interesting to get to know it. I will try to follow those rules. Thank you.

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