Codrin Andronic

"stop existing and start living" – M. Jackson

Text User Interface

on 2010/07/09

I have a passion for old things. The same is true for computers, software and programming languages. Lately I am nostalgic about the old days of MS-DOS, slow computers and TUIs (Text User Interfaces). I did a quick search on the web for TUI and it seems they are obsolete these days. Modern operating systems do not support it anymore. Linux is probably the only one that still supports it.  On windows platforms I think XP was the last to have support for TUI. Looking at software development tools, TUIs are not supported since a long time ago. Ok there is the option to build a Console Application on the .Net framework, but you can’t do anything more than read or write text.

Personally, I think TUIs could still be used today. It would provide a simple, intuitive and resource friendly way to interact with a system that does not require a very complex user interface. But I presume it’s just like everything else these days, why buy just one item when you can have 10 for the same price.


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