Codrin Andronic

"stop existing and start living" – M. Jackson


My name is Codrin Andronic. I’m from Brasov, Romania and I work as a software engineer since 2005.

I created this blog for many reasons. First of all I like the idea of “tutorials” – to share knowledge and information that can benefit to others. I’m a person that cares about the environment and likes to reuse / build / repair things; I hate consumerism (purchasing goods and consuming materials in excess of basic needs). So most of my “how to” posts will be concentrated on these subjects.

Another thing I like is to BUILD SOFTWARE (especially mobile applications) and this blog allows me to share some of my applications and also to gather feedbacks and suggestions from the users.

As an experienced software engineer, I also provide software development services as a freelancer to potential clients.

I hope you’ll find the information on this blog useful, and if so, please share it with others.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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