Codrin Andronic

"stop existing and start living" – M. Jackson

My adventure generator device

Yes there is such a thing. In my case it’s an old motorcycle which found it’s way into my life 5 years ago and doesn’t want to leave, despite my attempts to get rid of it.

I live a solitary life and most of the year it’s quite boring. At times I attempt to change it but without success. But starting late spring until early autumn, my trusty BMW comes to my rescue. And it does a good job too. When I look back into my past, I always see good memories which otherwise might just be blank spaces.

Not all these so called adventures are pleasant at first, but become so when you look back at them. Like when rain starts and you begin looking for shelter but find one only after you’re already wet and cold. Or when riding in remote areas and drop your bike in a ditch. Or when you start driving and after a few hundred meters hear a desperate “miauuu” coming from inside the motorcycle then stop to find a kitten at the base of the swing-arm. Or when you are so dirty and stinky after days of riding and camping and take a bath in cold mountain river. And the list can go on.

At these times I promise myself I will sell the damn bike and travel like normal people do, in a heated/air conditioned car, protected from the elements, listening to music, missing all the fun :). But after the rain comes the sun, and so the old BMW stays with me like a good friend.


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